I am currently using wamp5_1.4.4

1) Apache 1.3.33
2) MySql 4.1.10a

And I want to update with the latest version.

I could I made the modifications.

PLease do help me.

Ashwin Perti

You are already running the latest stable version of WAMP:

If you want the latest RC release, go here:

You may want to read this first (taken from site):

RE-RELEASE OF THE WAMP5 1.4.5 A special "unofficial" release for those who would like to try PHP5.1-RC1. WARNING : This release of PHP is not considered as stable.

All the other applications have also been updated:

- Apache 1.3.33
- MySQL 4.1.13a
- phpmyadmin 2.6.3-pl1
- sqlitemanager 1.1.1

This release also includes new special features initially programed for the final version of WAMP5 1.4.5 :

- logs in one directory and access through the WAMP5 menu
- added eaccelerator (not with the RC1 release)

Since logs have changed , the Webalizer add-on will not work with this RC. You'll have to wait for the final WAMP5 1.4.5 to see a new webalizer add-on (the PHP4 add-on will also be updated with eaccelerator).

If you want specific software components updated, you should go the homepage related to the specific software and read the instructions (example - on how to upgrade/install the software. Not sure how compatible it will be with WAMP or what modifications you would need to make to WAMP itself, perhaps you should contact WAMP support on that issue.

An easy way of getting around this would be to google for a tutorial on how to setup a WAMP yourself. Then, you would be in full control and understanding of the software setup/version/compatability.

Now.. it's nothing to get angry over. :D

I want to know that whether there is any harm in using the Post dated version like this.

I would like to know that this couldn't enable me to switch over after sometime.

Is there any difference between these version.
Is there some major Difference?

Ashwin Perti