Hi guys,

I'm working at a college in Michigan and we have an issue with the files not loading correctly for our website. The issue appears to be a javascript problem. When I try to access a page, it will load, but the javascript functions for instance will show up on the page as if it is just html text.

So I right-clicked the page, clicked "view source" and when the source code for the file opens up it shows the javascript portion in the head section as:

<disabled-script type="disabled-text/javascript">
function somefunction(){}

However, the code I have in the file of course is written as:

<script type="text/javascript">
function somefunction() {}

I do not have javascript disabled on my browser or anything, so that is not the issue. For some reason it appears it is getting disabled though on page load.

Do any of you have any idea why this might be? The files are all on a webDAV server......could there be an issue here with some server setting?

Thank you much for your help!


I've not seen that before and am not aware of any browser that disables javascript in that way - it would be completly inappropriate.

I can only guess "disabled-" is being inserted by the server (whichever one you use, Apache, Microsoft IIS etc). Has someone been playing with server settings recently?