Hello I asked a similar question a few posts before but not the same, so I started this thread. I am trying to add a user to MySql which I installed via XAMPP. I found this command:

CREATE USER 'root'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'mysqlpass';

But I don't know where to put it. If you know it please tell me. And if you aren't going to help and say "it is your homework" or "google it", it is not my homework, I am just trying to learn MySql and I couldn't find help at google. That's why I am asking here.I will be glad if you tell me or show a source to find it, I will appreciate. Thank you..

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Or you could just click on the "Privileges" tab and select "Add a new User" there.

Not really sure why you come off all hostile, may be someone was rude before. I will tell someone to read up a little sometimes if the question was obviously not researched at all and it is easy. Sometimes it is not to be offensive but rather be helpful because asking easy questions and getting easy answers is not always the best method of learning.

You are right, but in the previous thread. There was a person who was answering was always saying : "do you homework", "google is your friend" but not giving a simple answer, but I was simply stuck with that. I am sorry if I was too offensive but I maybe got a little stressed. Sorry again..

It is no problem everyone starts out somewhere and I would be embarrassed to show anyone the questions that I had asked when I started mucking around with PHP and databases and such. I found at one point there was a good time to ask the question and a good time to read up a little first too. I ended up liking to discover things on my own and then I felt a lot better when I brought a question up and had the rest of the nerds out there scratching their heads a little :)

Good luck with everything.


I said "google is your friend" and "do your homework" because your questions are easily answered on the web, and I told you where to find answers. You have to have a way to administrate MySQL. If you didn't install anything, then you can't just type a query into thin air and expect something to happen.

You say you're "Trying to learn MySQL," but aren't doing the research to actually learn it, you just want someone to give you the answers to each step so you can get something running.

I gave you the answer, now I've given it twice.

If this has been solved could you please mark as such :)

Thanks much.

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