Hello, i have a question about mod_rewrite.
I have the following url: www.example.com/listen.php?title=U2_with_or_without_you&youtube_video_id=hTgnDLWeeaM

Now, i want to rewrite it like this:


Now, my question is, since i can't use the caracters - or _ as separators between the get parameters, it is "safe" to use -> ? Is it standard? I don't want to interfere with other websites, if the link will be bookmarked on facebook, or added as link in a youtube description, or anything else...

What do you say?

No, it's not safe to use angle brackets in links because they might interfere with HTML coding and they definitely will in a lot of websites programmed by lesser geniuses.

I see.
Do you have in mind something else?

Just out of curiosity, why do you need the id in the URL still?
I'm not sure about the tilde. Apache seems to use it to indicate user directories.