How does a barcode reader stores barcode data? I heared that it stores as simple txt file.

Let's say I've scanned 5 barcodes. Does it create 5 individual txt files with info in them or Does it create only one txt file and store information related to the all 5 barcodes?

Thanks in advance

I think that depends on (the configuration of) your barcode scanner. Most I used were set to simulate keyboard input.

My experience is the same as pritaeas.

That's correct. A standard barcode scanner is an input device which transmits character data into the keyboard buffer. You have to store them in the same manner as if they had been typed in via a keyboard.

There are Batch style scanner where the information is stored in scanners memory then uploaded to computer via usb cable. When I upload it, how does it show up, only one txt file or 5 txt files? Or I got it wrong completely!

I am about to do this project, that's why I need to know a bit about.

How about the manual...?

I haven't bought the device yet. If it is mentioned in the manual then that's fine but I am not sure if it is normally explained!

Perhaps it is available for download, so you can check before buying.