This site's instructions seem so straightforward:

"1.Go download rotator.txt from A List Apart.
2.Put the images to be rotated in the same directory as rotator.php.
3.Upload all the files via FTP."

However, the "A List Apart" link doesn't work. I can't get much further if I can't do #1. This stuff is still new to me.

Can someone point me in the right direction?

OR - Is there, perhaps, an easier way to do this?
(note: this is what I want .... )
Nathan Smith, thanks!

Thank you,

Link works just fine here.

Odd. Not sure why it didn't work for me.
Thanks, I'll get back to you when I have more questions!


Ok, when I try to save the text as a "php" file, it comes out as ".php.txt"


It still says "php.txt" when I upload it to my design site. As long as the .php is there, doe sit matter?


#rotator {
background: url(images/rotator.php) no-repeat center top;
width: 700px;
height: 150px;

The url would be the directory where I have my images and rotator file, right?
The same photo keeps showing up. Nothing random...

Yes, it does matter. Remove the .txt after uploading. Note that the path is relative to the folder where the CSS file is, so you may need to prepend / or ../ to images/rotator.php

What if my images are just on my C:/ and labeled "Image1, Image2,..." etc?

You need to place them somewhere in the path of your webserver, so they can be accessed.

This still isn't working.

Is there an easier way to do it? I've done a few things in Html. Some sort of code I can just type in? Please don't tell me to "google it" b/c I've done that and I just need a straightforward answer...

Much appreciation in advance,

I figured it out!
The site designer won't support PhP.
C'est la vie.

I figured it out with java script, but now... My page won't even scroll down.

Is your page online, so we can see what is happening ?

im kind of curious to see what is happening, just from reading this thread.

No, it's not. I can't put it online for a month or so.

<script type="text/javascript"> 
<!-- Hide
pics=new Array("","","","","");
// End Hiding -->
<!--- Add this section to the body.-->
<div align="center">
<script type="text/javascript"> 
<!-- Hide
document.write("<img src="+pics[index]+" width='870' height='120' border='0' />");
// End Hiding -->

This is the part I was working on though. Is there something simple I can just put in to allow the page to scroll? "Position" or something?

I'm glad this thread is entertaining... I think.