Can anyone direct me to a free (& good) advertising script that I can use for my community? One that does banner ads, postage stamps, buttons and text links. It'd be even better if it's open source & PHP!

Thanks in advance!

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I'm confused what you're asking for. Are you talking about something like phpAdsNew? What are postage stamps?

you should try phpAdsNew has a ton of free scripts. Including the ones your wanting, whatever that is. LOL...enjoy!
Oh, btw, not to spam or advertise anyways, god forbid...but I also have the same as well on my site, a few free scripts such as a banner rotatroor whatever it isyou want. :rolleyes: creates them for free as long as you post alot and have some pics you want in it.

if you are looking for professional script for advertising contact me i can help you in this case
i have adv script with wordpress, joomla and php script for adv
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