Hi all,

i have a small email database (32k emails) and i want to create a newsletter system. Unofortunately the script where handles those 32k emails to send a html text times out as request exceed the default value and i dont wish to chagen that. I tried breaking the loop in 500 emails per page refresh but browser refuses to refresh to many times the same page...

Any suggestions?

That's too much for 1 page. Set it up as a scheduled task. Have the task pull 500 records. Process them, then have the task reschedule itself if there's more records to process.

What's going to happen when the records increase to 35K, then 40K? Trying to do it all at once isn't scalable. The right way to do things is break the process into smaller batches.

I agree with Arrgh.. I cant make the user wait for hours until the process is completed nor use too much cpu and memory for only one user.. So i quess re schedule would be a one way option here..

Thank you all for your time!