Hi, everyone,

First of all, I wasn't sure where to put this tread so I apologize if it is in the wrong place... I am developing a web application using jsp, java and Tomcat, so I figured this is as good place as any...

I am in need of help.

My application is fairly simple, it should contain links to other applications. These applications I downloaded of the internet and now need to install on the Tomcat. This is pretty straight forward except that installing these applications on the Tomcat is depressing the hell out of me.

I have no idea how to do it so that I can open them through a web browser. They come in all shapes and form, some are exe files, others jnlp etc. Mostly I just need to copy and paste them somewhere in the Tomcat (probably tomcat_directory/ webapps) but when I do that I can't open them with a browser. So my question is: How should I install applications to the Tomcat server so that I can open them through a browser? How does one open an exe file or a jnlp file with a web browser?

By the way, applications I was talking about work just fine on their own I just can't find a way to connect them with Tomcat....

Sorry for the long post and thanks in advance...

Eagerly waiting for your reply,

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Tomcat is a web server (at max an application server with the correct plug-ins), so you can run only web applications(JSPs, servlets, HTML pages) or enterprise apps ( EJBs, Web Services etc).

AFAIK you cannot run exes in Tomcat.

Now JNLP is a different situation, it involves deploying you Java web start application, I have linked you to its tutorial, if you need more info.

I am using code to send email by jsp code but having Access Denied Exception like--
org.apache.jasper.JasperException: access denied (java.net.SocketPermission connect,resolve)

Will you plz tell me how to solve this problem on socket level..


Thank you for your reply. I'll read the tutorial...

I guess I'll have to take a different approach to what I'm doing... Do you have any tips on how to do what I need to do? Which is to have user click on the link in my web application and for that link to lead to another application which is started with an exe or jnlp or bat or whatever.

Thanks again...


I kind of think you should have opened a new tread for a new question...

@varia sorry about that if was it spotted in time we could have it moved out

@coervivekmca with your ignorance toward forum rules you will get banned from here soon


It's o.k., no need to apologize, it's not the forum's fault...

Honestly I cant really make sense of your requirement, could you explain it with an example ?

Sorry I was confusing, I'm having a problem with describing my problem...

I don't really have an example but I'll try to explain...

Let say I click on a link on this page, for example, your user name, but instead of opening another html page such as your profile, it runs an application.

I was lead to believe that I need to install the applications I'm using on to the Tomcat and run them from there. Since I never worked with Tomcat or servers or web applications, I just assumed it can be done. But after your first reply I realized I was wrong and that what I need to do doesn't have much to do with Tomcat...

So I guess my question would be: Is there a command or a method (or any other way) in java or jsp that can be used for running other, external applications?

Let say I click on a link on this page, for example, your user name, but instead of opening another html page such as your profile, it runs an application.

Run an application where? On the server or on the client PC (i.e. a user accessing your application). In case it is the later, it can't be done in a standard way, for security reasons. If you are OK with targeting a specific browser/OS environment, I think this can be done with custom browser addons but I'm not aware of any of those.

These applications I downloaded of the internet and now need to install on the Tomcat

What are these *applications* you speak of? Tomcat is a servlet container and can be used to deploy "WAR" files. Not sure what this application is which you want to deploy on Tomcat.

If your aim here is to open up installed applications on user's computer, you'd be better off with a desktop application, rather than a web application. Is this a client requirement or something you need to do just for fun?


I do need to open installed application on users computer and no, I am not doing this for fun, it's an assignment for school.

I guess I'll just have to talk to my professor and see what he has to say about this... Maybe he has some miraculous solution for this or what ever...

Anyway, thank you, guys, so much for replying...

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