I have made a couple of preliminary versions of a web machine as an HTA and as a web dialog plug in for Google's Sketchup. The machine has moving sliders (hence machine) that get populated with names of real objects in a hierarchical structure set by the user's associations e.g. Work> Office> Workstation> Computer> Links> ... The machine reacts to a selection by moving the new associations something like a slot machine. I thought a bit bit of background info might be helpful.

The names are stored with their properties in JSON files, read and written by filesystem and ruby files for the current two versions. This of course means the fate of the machine relies on Microsoft and Google. So to give it a chance I thought I would try it out as an open source web machine using PHP to read and write the files.

The PHP files on the server side hold the operating side of the machine including small devices to add names, their classes and methods (treating real objects like their coding counterparts). I want to store any data assembled by the visitor separately so it can be downloaded. It could the be uploaded for another session ... for later ... I am still struggling to basically marry the machine's JavaScript and PHP.

So perhaps rather than pursing the detail of the title I should first ask whether there is anything inherently technically wrong with the proposal.


I found this in this Daniweb thread. I successfully carried out the tests but wonder if anyone else has tried it out in an application and found any problems, improvements and so on.


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