After performing a logout action, my index page is continously refreshing, or it tries to load that page. Can you suggest a solution for this. It happens only on IE and I'm using struts1.3.8.....

Thanks in advance

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Nobody can advise without seeing code...

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Nobody can advise without seeing code...

Nobody can advise without seeing code...

<%          // for removing cookies onlogout 
                    if (session.getAttribute("sesEmail") != null) {
                        ClsName obj = new ClsName ();
                        String email = session.getAttribute("sesEmail").toString();
                        obj.removeCookies(response, email, "");
                    if (session != null) { 
                     request.setAttribute("message", "You've successfully logged out");
        <jsp:forward page="toLogin.do"/>

toLogin.do is my index page when control goes to my index page on IE , page is loading continously. I cannot find the reason for this issue. This problem is only on IE.

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