Php developers , need a help here.
how to make php shortuts in




I know only a shortcut of


But this is not usefull .
Thanx in advance :)

You can embed php values inside a html page by using php shortcut,


Remember, for this short open tags (short_open_tag) must be enabled in php.ini file. And another ways of using the php variables,

<?php echo $shortcut; ?> and <? echo $shortcut; ?>
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You could use a php templating engine like RainTPL, so you can embed php variables thus:


I don't know if this is what you're after.

i m using cpanel of http://cpanel.net

Well i already know

<? $shortcut; ?> or <? $shortcut['parts']; ?>

My question was how to make shortcut like ASP symbols in php?
for eg:

<?php %shortcut%  ?>

Thanx again

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Could I ask why you want to do this?

<?php %shortcut%...  ?>


<?php $shortcut... ?>

seem pretty similar to me.

almost similar but i like %shortcut% its easy to setup in syntax, some time i become fast while wiriting php codes and syntax become error

$notification(' $user['fullname'] commented on ur photo ');

I wana make this code to easily lyk dat :

$notification('%fullname% commented on your photo'); ?>
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Is this proper php anyway:

$notification(' $user['fullname'] commented on ur photo ');

You can use extract() to place array item keys into their respective variables.

Look it up in the php manual.

Okhey lemme try.
do u know a new web language is coming up named 'wbhp' in ipv6

<page type="text/wbhp" language="wbhp">
//syntax goes her

And URL Encoding like this:


lol this is similar to php and cgi
Change <page type="text/wbhp"></page> to <page type="text/html"></page> if u wana run html code