Hello guys, i need a text box editor for users to post their own article, the article is stored to a database.

I've been searching and i have not found what i need. I dont require a mega-advanced one, just so people can write an article.

I hope someone can guide me to a working one.


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ckeditor - have used it a lot and like it
spaw2 - love this one, but a bit slow
tinymce - used to good, but havent used it for some time

There are a lot of simpler ones, e.g. jwysiwyg with jquery.

I always use strip_tags() in conjunction with a wysiwyg or any form field that accepts html. This way you only allow certain tags, e.g. <strong>, <em>, <p>, <a> etc.

Thanks for the replys :) To be honest, i downloaded Ckeditor and did not understand a [bit of it]... ^^ and their documentation does not describe anything useful for someone who aint good with it.
So Ckeditor for me, will never happen.
But i'll test out the other examples you guys wrote :)

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If you need to customize the editor, and you probably will, you should be conversant with basic javascript. Otherwise, learn some! jQuery based simple editors may be simpler as options are implemented in a straightforward consistent manner.

All i want is a editor instead of a text box, and the submit to send to a database. So i'll keep searching

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> All i want is a editor instead of a text box

Yes, but the 'ALL' comes at a price. Each editor will be javascript affairs. If you want any modicum of control, you'll probably need to know some JS, or at least be able to follow instructions. Otherwise, just use it out of the box.

This may be simple enough though:

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