Hi people :)

I'm in the process of developing a website where there is going to be music on. (Dont worry, the users that will come to the website already know that there will be music - it's the point of the website).

But I'm thinking that it would be smart with a playlist that only I have access to, but the users on the website can hear the music too.

Is this possible? I was thinking maybe it can be done by JavaScript? I have searched Google thin, but with no result.

Thanks in advanced

just add a flash element with the songs you wish to play , alternatively try the html 5 audio tag

no one can change your html code / flash element

I think I didnt make it clear in my topic, but I may think that it needs to be streamed on the website. Because all users on the website has to hear the same song on the same time, you know? A little like a radio maybe?

This is gonna be a hard on to pull of, I see that now :)

Use an online radio service (I think Winamp Pro has one) or Flash - AS 2, example:

d = new Date();
h = d.getHours();
sound.start(0, 1);