Hello everybody,

I am using a Laptop that runs the Windows XP Home Edition operating system. However Win XP Home Edition doesn't ship with a web server IIS / PWS.
Can u suggest me how to run ASP script ?

Is there any free ASP host which is trust worthy??.

How to run Asp on other web server beside IIS?

Any help or advice is appreciated.


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Unfortunately, Apache does not support ASP. There are some ASP modules but they are not good enough to develop ASP applications.

In order to get IIS in Windows XP Home, you can try to use Abyss web server, which is a thirdparty web server that you can run ASP files with it. But Abyss web server does not support all the options for ASP. :sad: But if you want to create simple ASP pages, you can try it. There is a tutorial about installing Abyss web server


Actually there is an unrecommended way to install IIS to Windows XP Home machine. But if want to try it, you should think twice, take your own risk to try. You can find the tutorial here:


I recommend you to upgrade windows XP Pro for development, if you will make serious ASP applications. This is the safe way.

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