I have been wanting an upload tool that you could upload the video and then once its uploaded it directs you to a webpage where the video is displayed in a media player...Like TinyPic and those sort of websites. I have searched google some and have not found anything yet...
Any help?


Well, you aren't really looking for one tool. There would be an HTML script with an embedded object(the flash player) and a PHP script to do the uploading at the very least.

Now, you might be able to do the whole thing in actionscript(flash), I'm not really familiar with actionscript. With PHP, though, you're looking at something a bit more involved.


Upload page would have the upload form and the code to store the file on the server. Videos are usually quite large so you might have problems with that, PHP defaults to 2Megs I believe.

Once the file is uploaded, you'd load a different page which would have your <object> or <embed> tags, which you alter dynamically with PHP to show the uploaded video.

BTW, you should know that you have to have a player that will stream the video as well. I just fought that fight, so I can tell you that isn't any fun at all.