Hello peeps! Any idea how to make a search result landing page like Google image result? Like the one when you click one image it redirects you to an image preview first before it redirects to the source of that image. I was thinking it could be AJAX, but I'm not sure yet. Any ideas would be appreciated and could be a great help.

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The page at which google lands first is not the actual url of the image.
I mean if u click on a image,say 1.jpg

google lands u to a page like

so what it does here is like this--

1 >It opens a page of its own server

say googleimages.com

2> It appends the actual image hosting site to the end of the googleimages.com

e.g googleimages.com?site=http://www.flicker.com

The page that is shown in the googleimages.com has an iframe tag
with src as same as the site.

so when googleimages.com loads,it dynamically sets it's iframe's src as the query string that it obtained and at the mean time it also shows the image with some hover effect.

And when you click on the close image button,it simply redirects to the actual image hosting page.

Hope you got it.

Mark as solved if it helpsss..

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