Good day i would like to ask how to make a login system the password is encrypted with the code below.

HashBytes('MD5', REVERSE(UPPER(@ID)) + @PW)

thanks in advance

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What' your problem?

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What' your problem?

in the login system you simply
1. connect to the database
2. Check the user table for the user name entered into the User name field on the login form
3. if it's there it will check for the password
and here you must know that the password is encrypted at the db not at the form
i.e you make the field of the password on the db encrypted , but the user enter his password and the page retrieve the password without encryption.
4. if every thing ok then go to the page 2 otherwise go to the login page.

try that and if it didn't work with you tell me and I will send you the pages I am using.

best regards

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