Hi all,
i am new to PHP. I want to learn more about PHP like website building and all other web related topics. I want good links or material for PHP. I am trying to build my own website and a small forum so I want tutorials, videos and online books or material for PHP. Actully I want to learn PHP to develop and maintain my companies website.


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This is a php help forum. SO if you have a problem with a piece of code, post it here. You can get these links from Google, Bing or whatever other search engine you use. W3Schools is an often quoted resource. It's fine to get you started, although it contains a few mistakes.

I always suggest that people buy a good PHP/MySQL textbook. (X)HTML is so simple, you could do without one for that. CSS is a far more complicated animal and may require a textbox, although there are a million good sites out there on design. Come back with some code when you hit a wall.

www.php.net gives you some starting points and some basics. www.w3schools.com provides numerous tutorials on a variety of web related topics. I have found some to be a bit lacking in depth that a good book will provide so I encourage you to look on Amazon.com (for example) and search for php books, limiting the results to those that are 4 stars & up.

Find one that covers php along with MySQL. There are some that add in Apache and Javascript. The Apache ones usually include just enough information to get PHP working in an Apache environment, which is all you need. I think combining Javascript at the same time is too much.

There are some great Javascript books that do a better job so tackle that after PHP. Plus, a good book using a Javascript framework (JQuery) to teach is a good idea when you start learing it.

I have many tutorials about PHP&MySQL, so if you need, you can leave an email I will give it to you. Goodluck ...