I was wondering about the technology used by Facebook and Twitter (those are the obvious and most popular ones). I have realised that when adding a status or a comment or subscribing to a conversation, the page does not actually post to server to modify the database. Actually, on click the page does not load and it seems like all is done on the client-side yet I believe that some sort of data is stored. How is this possible? Can anyone help since I would like to use this type of technology? Or they using jQuery? If yes, then how is the database modified?

Thanks for your help.

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Ajax and cookies... Could also have session on the server side and relog you in from the information sent from client side when you go to the page even after you close your browser but not log out.

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Your request has me a little confused. Taywin said Ajax and cookies and server side. I'd bet there is some industrial weight php behind these services.

My understanding is there are a lot of ways to read information from the sites, but I haven't seen anything to let you remotely post without one of the plugins on your page.

What do you mean when you say?

Can anyone help since I would like to use this type of technology?

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