<TD VALIGN = 'TOP'> <a href="sendGift.php" TARGET = _BLANK><font color = "#0000FF"  size = "3" face = "verdana"> <b>Send Gift </b></font></A><BR></TD>
<TD VALIGN = 'TOP'> <a href="sendMoney.php" TARGET = _BLANK><font color = "#0000FF"  size = "3" face = "verdana"> <b>Send Taka </b></font></A><BR></TD>

when i click first link(send gift), it opens a new browser no problem. while the first link open, then i click the 2nd link(send taka), it opens on the previous browser(send gift link. send gift link disappears). also, when 2nd link opens, it stay minimizes on the taskbar by default. i can see it only if i go to task bar and look for the link.

How can i click both link and open both link on a new browser? that means i click first link, it opens in a new browser. then i click 2nd link it also opens a new browser. When i say open meaning open on the screen not open and hide in the task bar. Please help me. thanks.

this is the attribute values for target ....

_blank - Open the linked document in a new window
_self - Open the linked document in the same frame as it was clicked (this is default)
_parent - Open the linked document in the parent frameset
_top - Open the linked document in the full body of the window
framename- Open the linked document in a named frame

i checked ur code it is opening the page in new TAB...that's what it's meant to do...just check it once again....it's right...

Give the targets different names, names do not just apply to frames, if a frameset does not exist the target opens in a window or tab with that name
Try to get rid of the tables, slow poor choice for layout tool css positioning is faster more compliant and looks the same in most browsers

<!-- later versions of (x)html can be case sensitive -->
<td valign = 'top'> <a href='sendGift.php' target = 'sendgift'><font color = "#0000ff"  size = "3" face = "verdana"> <b>Send Gift </b></font></a><br></td>
<td valign = 'top'> <a href="sendMoney.php" target = 'sendmoney'><font color = "#0000ff"  size = "3" face = "verdana"> <b>Send Taka </b></font></a><br></td></tr>

The assorted inline font statements have long been discarded in favour of css styling, which requires much less code, and much less chance of errors