Warning: fopen() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given in /home/speedycm/public_html/speedyautos/carphoto.php on line 42

Warning: filesize() [function.filesize]: stat failed for Array in /home/speedycm/public_html/speedyautos/carphoto.php on line 43

Warning: fread(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in /home/speedycm/public_html/speedyautos/carphoto.php on line 43

Warning: fclose(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in /home/speedycm/public_html/speedyautos/carphoto.php on line 44

i keep getting these error messages whenever trying to upload a picture on my website and i'm not sure how to sort them out. can anyone please help? lines 36-59 read:

if ($hidaction == "addphoto")
    $ctrP = 0;
    foreach ($_FILES['pics'] as $pics)
        if ($_FILES['pics']['name'][$ctrP] <> "")
            if (is_uploaded_file($_FILES['pics']['tmp_name'][$ctrP]) or die("No Image: " . $_FILES['pics']['name'][$ctrP]))
                $ext = substr(strrchr($_FILES['pics']['name'][$ctrP], "."), 1);
                $fp = fopen($_FILES["pics"]["tmp_name"], 'rb');
                $contents = fread($fp, filesize($_FILES["pics"]["tmp_name"]));
                if (preg_match("/system/", $contents) OR preg_match("/<\?/", $contents))
                    $error .= "Invalid image: {$_FILES['pics']['name'][$ctrP]}<br />";
                    //$pieces = explode(".", $_FILES['pics']['name'][$ctrP]);
                    //$ext = $pieces[count($pieces) - 1];
                } elseif ((in_array($ext, $types_array)) AND ($_FILES['pics']["size"][$ctrP] < (MAXFILE_SIZE * 1000000)))
                    $orgImageName = "cid" . $property_id . "_" . str_replace(" ", "_", $_FILES['pics']['name'][$ctrP]);
                    $thmImageName = "thumb_cid" . $property_id . "_" . str_replace(" ", "_", $_FILES['pics']['name'][$ctrP]);
                    $dtlImageName = "dtl_cid" . $property_id . "_" . str_replace(" ", "_", $_FILES['pics']['name'][$ctrP]);

many thanks in advance!

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If you do a


I'm sure you'll see that it is an array as passed in through multiple form values <input name="photo[]" /> or similar.

In other words,
Here you treat it like an array


and here you treat it like a string, but clearly it's an array -- and that is the cause of your errors

$fp = fopen($_FILES["pics"]["tmp_name"], 'rb');

* A side note. When submitting a question it is useful, to both the answerer and also yourself, to reduce the problem into the simplest possible example (not just copy/paste directly from your code). Often this will be enough to solve the answer on your own, but even if not, will make it easier to read the situation. Tnx.

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I'm confused:

you do this: foreach ($_FILES as $pics)

but keep on using $_FILES in your loop code. Surely you want to be using $pics?


if ($pics['name'][$ctrP] <> "")

If have to say I don't understand the need for [$ctrP]

Is this supposed to relate to a array item counter? If so, you don't need it as $pics is already doing the loop.

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