i made a jsp page, now i made a LAN named "ar", and connected another computer with "ar" network. Now i want that the client computer i.e. computer 2 should access my jsp page which is arsh.html , how to do this?????
My approach: i set my IP as and second computer as, now as we do in tomcat "localhost:8080/amar/arsh.html", (amar is my .war file), on client computer on the browser's url i wrote "" and a message prompts "Oops, chrome can't find that page"
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE HELP...............................

1. Next time make sure you post in correct section, in we have sub section called JSP(Java Server Pages) that holds info on Java web development
2. To call tomcat from other computer then it is installed you need to use the IP of the computer installed, port number if different then 80 followed by application name.
Example: given that Tomcat installed on with default port number you need to call . This will be accessible if the given pc hasn't got some port restriction or if pc or Tomcat is off

well thank you, so much that's really working and i'll post the question in right place, next time, sorry 4 that.
One more question, do i need to implement or is it necessary to implement threads if multiple clients want to access my server here.
Example:- if 4 client laptops with ip, .28, .27, .26, want to access my server, i have to implement threads, isn't it??????

No need if we talking about 4 people. It would be different if we spoke of thousands or millions.
However you need to understand that at the moment you are just on local/private network. This wouldn't work if your friends try to access it remotely.

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