Hello everybody

I have a question: is it possible to compile ruby files into bytecode. Does ruby have something like .pyc files?

I found some discussions online about generating .exe's from ruby files, but what I want to know if it is possible to compile .rb files just like you compile .py files.


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It is not possible to generate bytecode with normal Ruby i.e C-Ruby. But I think its possible in Jruby

This very interesting. So, if I understood correctly, this is the same ruby programming language but they removed the standard interpreter and changed it to an interpreter that works using Java bytecode instead of ruby bytecode? So the compiled output is JVM-executable??? Which in turn means I can create Java programs using Ruby?!

If so this is nice :)

Thank you


YEs. It seems that Ruby itself can't generate bytecode, but these other alternatives can.

Thank you all guys.

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