I have a question about Javascript suckerfish menus, but first, I should state what I am using, now:

Currently, I am using a standard CGI form redirect to allows users to chose a state. The drop-down menu contains 50 states, and scrolls when necessary to display all the names. The site I am using this on is:


The CGI perl script simply takes the form input and redirects the user to the state page. All pages are static pages. Each state page has a uses a similar CGI form menu to select the city.
I have seen suckerfish menus and like the fact the hyperlinks can be included so the state pages can easily be found when spidered. The problem I have is this, the menu would have to be scrollable.

Does anyone here have a link or name of a script, page example or anything else where a SCROLLABLE suckerfish menu can be found. I have searched 20-30 listings on SE's and cannot seem to find any references to suckerfish menus that can be scrolled the same way as a form menu can be scrolled.



in the second level menu put a height and overflow:auto in. that should work, though I haven't tested it. You might need an extra div, but I'm not sure how that would validate...

Some sample code without doctype: (coding in notepad on a uni computer, so missing all my usual assists!)

<style type="text/css"><!--
ul ul { width: 100px; height: 4em; overflow: auto; }
<li>Hello <ul>