can anyone help me, l have a laptop an a desktop and a crossover(network cable). l want to be able to connect the 2 and then use the laptop as a server from which l wil run my XAMPP AND THEN SET UP A PROJECT (e.g a website or any web application)ON THE LAPTOP AND THEN TRY AND VIEW THIS PROJECT ON MY DESKTOP BUT WHILE IT IS ON THE LAPTOP. IS THIS POSSIBLE? AND HOW CAN I DO THIS?

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It is best if you ask a networking question on the networking forum. But as per my limited networking knowledge I'd say it is possible. You'll need to connect the two using the CO cable and give them both IP addresses of the same subnet. Eg: 192.168.2.x (x different in either computers). After that you should be able to communicate between the two computers. To access webservice running on the Laptop you'd need to enter the IP address of the laptop on the browser address bar (that is desktop browser)

Again, its best to ask networking questions in the networking forum


Kekkiashi thnx alot it worked likd a charm, and for viewing of the web application u just type the lp addrs. of the laptop forward slash the folder of the project e.g. nb XAMPP MUST BE RUNNING

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