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Hi guys,
ive read an article about using PHP with Java


but im a bit confuse to get start with this instruction in this article.i pasted getting started page:

PHP doesn't come with Java support turned on by default, so you'll need to recompile it to enable this support. You can do this by adding the "--with-java" compile-time parameter to the PHP "configure" script. Note that you'll also need a copy of the latest JDK - you can get this from http://java.sun.com/ (the examples in this article use version 1.3.0 of the JDK).

i already have jdk

If you're using Windows, you've already got a pre-built Java extension with your PHP distribution - all you need to do is enable it. First, make sure that your system's PATH variable includes the path to the JDK - this can easily be accomplished by altering the PATH variable in your "autoexec.bat" file.

i compiled java program and run them,means i have set the classpath.

Next, pop open the "php.ini" configuration file, and skip over all the cryptic configuration commands to the "Java" section. There, set values for the following variables:

i dont understand the term of pop open "php.ini" configuration file....

java.library - this refers to the location of the Java Virtual Machine file (jvm.dll), usually located in the JRE directory;

java.library.path - this refers to the location of PHP's Java extension;

java.home - this refers to the JDK's "bin" directory;

java.class.path - this refers to the Java CLASSPATH, which contains your custom Java classes. You should make sure that this variable always includes the location of the "php_java.jar" file (usually the /java/ directory)

While you're editing this file, also drop by the "Windows Extensions" section of "php.ini" and uncomment the "php_java.dll" extension.

Finally, check to make sure that the file "php_java.dll" is in the /extensions/ sub-directory, restart your Web server, and you're ready to roll!

i lost already...

anyone can help me?i really need to link php and java because i have to compare the client site data with my java application.

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