Hi, I'm normally over on the PHP board but this one is definitely a javascript issue. The thread title doesn't quite cover my issue, so I'll try to explain a little further.

I built a website for a client who tells me that when he hovers over a word on his page it pops up a link to a competing site. I assured him that I didn't put the links in there, that it's a script or program running on his computer creating those links as he views the page.

So my questions:

1. Is there a name for this evil? 'Popup spam ads' or something?
2. Anyone know of a way to build in javascript or any other method to stop this from happening to his site? Surely www.msn.com and www.google.com don't have this issue, at least I've not seen it there.

Any help is appreciated.


This is definitely a javascript running on the site, it is called Inline Text Ads or Content / Context Links.
Hiding them doesn't make sense, just remove the script generating them.
If the site is hosted on a free hosting, it could be that that hosting places them, take a look at the ad code in that case and post it if you don't figure out how to stop it from executing.