I am working on a job module where i have to fetch company name having more jobs. like
abc 20 jobs
def 30 jobs
ghi 10 jobs
jkl 40 jobs

what i want to do, job order acc to job number like below
jkl 40 jobs
def 30 jobs
abc 20 jobs
ghi 10 jobs
NEED your suggestions

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as far as my knowledge is concern.

create 2 tables
company and jobs
for every (primary key)"companyid" match in jobs table (foreign key) "companyid".
from their you can count how many jobs per company.

that is one-many relationship of database.

Try this idea.

// sql connection here

$query = mysql_query("select * from tbl_name order by number_of_jobs desc");
   echo $result['company_name'];
   echo $result['number_of_jobs']."<br>";


thanks everyone but the problem is:
as company name is not a fixed entity.it is entered by the admin.
suppose admin post 6 jobs having job_id,company,type,emailid
1 abc HR ab@gmail.com
2 cde TECH bc@gmail.com
3 abc IT de@gmail.com
4 def Bank abs@gmail.com
5 abc IT ss@mail.com
6 def bank dd@mail.com

abc has 3 jobs so it is in ist postion
def has 2 job so it is in 2nd position
cde has 1 job so it is in 1st position

Hi so you want sorting on your table?
And is it in mssql?

its not exactly like sorting.we have to sort acc to number of jobs per category contain.

I don't know that whether i get your question correctly,but try this

select companyName ,count(companyName ) from company,jobs
where company.companyId=jobs.companyId
group by companyName 
order by count(companyName ) desc

Hope it helps... :)

check the code given by lyrico...it will fulfill ur requirement.....

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