I've got a webpage that hides divs using the off left method whereby hidden divs float 4000 pixels to the left of the screen, instead of actually being hidden. I was unable to take the approach of using display:none because this page has embedded google maps within the hidden divs and google maps becomes buggy when using this approach. The approach I've been taken has worked fine, except for older versions of internet explorer -> when 'unhiding' the divs, ie does not display images (google maps), though it does reserve space for them. Furthermore, images do seem to appear after resizing the browser window, but not before that like they should. Does anybody have any ideas as far as how to get this approach to work with older versions of ie or other approaches to hiding/showing divs other than the ones I've described?


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Try to implement this on your divs that shows and hide's different contents:

var someDiv = (( document.getElementById ) ? document.getElementById("yourDivId") : (( document.all && !document.getElementById ) ? document.all["yourDivId"] : document.layers["yourDivId"] ));

someDiv.className = "someClassName";
alert( someDiv.id ); // You can call it, any way you want. >>

Thanks, but this does not seem to solve the problem. The issue isn't that I'm not selecting the divs correctly or that the div does not toggle from hidden/shown; its that ie doesn't seem to display the contents of the div after it has been toggled to 'show'. What is weird, though, is that after changing from maximized to minimized or vice versa, the content shows up. So there's some kind of refresh event that gets triggered when you click the max/min button...if i could call this event, I would get the desired behavior. Anyone know anything about this?


Problem seemed to fix itself when I started using floating divs...

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