I have spent about a couple of hours trying to read the pcre regex syntax on the php.net manual but I can't for the love of god grasp the concept of it. If anyone can help me it would be greatly appreciated.

I'm trying to split some strings into an array and I dont THINK that explode() would work since I wanna split this $str = '[str1][str2][str3]' into Array([0]=>'str1', [1]=>'str2', [2]=>'str3') I could use preg_split() or preg_match() and use the $match variable but I just don't know how to set the pattern that get the strings inside the [].

please help >_<

You could look for any number of characters ( [a-z0-9]* ) between '' in a preg_match_all. If the string within the brackets are always 'str' and then a number, you could also search for str[1-9] in a preg_match_all.

You could also use explode if you first replace one of the square brackets with nothing and then use the other bracket to explode the resulting string.

Hope you understood.