Your site has been comprimised. It sounds like an SQL injection. Hopefully you have a backup of the site files/database prior to it being hacked.

Hacks in Joomla sites are 99.9% of the time related to a site owner not updating to the latest versions of both the core Joomla system and (more often) not keeping 3rd part extensions up-to-date.

The best things to help prevent/monitor that is to subscribe to the Joomla! Security News and the Vulnerable Extensions List.

Dear mlipscomb thanks for your there is any remady ? for repearing from the sql injection?
Thanks a lot for ur kindness.

If you have maintained backups of your site, it should be fairly easy to correct. If not, then the manual process of cleaning the infected files/tables may take quite a long time depending on how large your site is. To my knowledge, there is *not* an automated tool to do this for you.

Dear mlipscomb thanks again.For nice Reeply.

You need to remove/replace your facebook module (FB LikeBox FanPage). It has two hidden links for this fucking site.