Hello friends. :(I have a problem but i don't know how to implement a solution.

The problem is that the HDD's from two Windows Servers got corrupted
(1.- Site Server, 2.- File Server) and all the files PDF's and the main site(ASP) were unaccesible for a while, now i recovered them but the site had a sql database with the static path of thousands and thousands(not kidding):| of PDF Files(the database was unrecoverable), the PDF Files are scanned recepits, etc. not a single text are contained in the file, so basically the guy who created the site the way that he used to index and query them was to insert into the sql database the static path of all the pdf's(of course if you move anything in the folders or file names, the database no longer works), and since there is not text inside the pdf's he used a kind of tags in the file name with brackets to query and filter them, now my real problem is that the database no longer exists so i cannot create one from scratch using only the code of his page, so I will have to create the site again but I will use PHP and MYSQL, so I'm wondering if you my friends know an easiest way to index and query files from an HDD using PHP?

Any help belive me would be really really apprecite it!:icon_wink:

Thanks in advanced

One key point of programming is learning to describe the problem before even trying to solve it. Are these pdf still accessible in your server (no matter how created)? Do you have access to this server internal or external?. In bottom line if you still can see the pdf documents that you mentioned the question is how to grab them and store them in your database along with their identifier. You said that database is out of order but pdf is still showing … so they are stored somewhere. Hoped I helped.

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