hi....i have some problem here...i'm making a form for ordering...what i want is when user click on form ordering button, there will be a form with reference number echo from database..in database i set the reference number as primary key and auto increment..somebody can help me to solve this problem??

If the auto incremented value must match whats in the database then you will need to insert a row and then get the NEW ID (via ajax probably) using PHP's

echo mysql_insert_id();

You will therefore use UPDATE statements to modify the newly created row

i've try it...but why i get value 0 in reference number in the order form?

Does it have to be a pre-made random id?
or can you do like this:

$randId = rand(1234ab,12345ab);
<input type="hidden" name="randomid" value="<?php echo $randId ?>"> 

and then insert it to mysql?
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ezra, could you show your code. We need to see what you're doing in order to see where you've got a problem. Otherwise I'd say look at line 98 and add a ;