ok hi guys i'm a fairly new guy to these forums, and i'm hopping some one can help me. the thing is i want to create a website which i've sort of done i'm not that fabulous in HTML coding. the scenerio is that i'v created a website where people can upload photos any where between 1 and 4 photos at a time. I'v created the upload form butand here is where i get stuck i need to create page where when the user uploads their photo and clicks the upload button the page must redirect them to another page where they can see the photo they've uploaded where their must be line between each seperate persons post. They will have to give their post a title now the title must be a link. so when some one clicks the title of the post the page takes them to another web page where they can see their image along with all the comments that's been left about the image.at the bottom of the page their must be a text area or something similar where people can wright their comments and post it directly to the page.(sort of like how on facebook when you leave a comment it appears straight away).

so thats the problem i'm have i don't know how to create those pages please can some one help me.

thanks in advance.

Only HTML will not help
If you want to show images on next page, You have to upload it first, Or you may give comments and title fields along with browse button on first page itself.

To upload and store comments you need to use php/mysql (or any other alternative).


Everything urtrivedi said, plus you might consider using some ready-developed software rather than writing your own from scratch, which would be time consuming and prone to security issues.

I have not used it myself, but I think Wordpress must be a prime candidate for your application.

In my opinion, your time would be better invested in learning Wordpress (or similar) rather than developing something totally bespoke.


I have in use a php sql freeware script coppermine photogallery, http://www.coppermine-gallery.net only because I didnt need any other of wordpress's features, if there were to be any input other than photos, captions, it's in wordpress

Hi Bob,

Thanks for the Coppermine link.

I'm not a million miles out in suggesting Wordpress then?


wordpress, rock solid and idiot proof, and more than you need just for photo display

Cheers Bob. I must get my hands on these goodies one day.


netbeans DevPHP wordpress coppermine Notepad2 notepad++

thanks for the responses but what i was actually getting at was that the user of the website will upload their images.so i wont be the one doing the uploading the user will. now how do i do that?

both the first scripts, wordpress, and coppermine allow the user to upload images to their profile, and to the general site, they both allow supervisory functions to remove offensive/copyright/etc images, have comments sections

I think they answer all possible combinations of your question, subsequent questions & questions not thought of yet, dont require anybody else to do the work for you, they are quite simple to install and configure