I'm not sure if this is the right place. All my research that I've done says yes.

I'm just starting out in building a site. I've got some coding knowledge but would rank myself a novice, just starting out.

I'm looking to build a poll generator to insert into my site that gives members the ability to build their own polls in forums or blog posts. I've done a google search and all I've found is the ability for me to create HTML polls that have static questions created by myself. I'm looking for a blank form type of poll generator that members can fill in "poll questions", create their own answers and simply hit a "create" button.

Can someone point me to the right direction or give me some guidance.

Please and thank you :)

You'll need to create a backend script, where users can create the form. You can choose to generate an html file there, but it's probably better to save everything into a database and create a seperate (frontend) php thing that generates the form. The submit button should post everything to another php file, that saves the input (into a database, as JSON, preferably). Last thing is to create a file that shows the input nicely (you can make that very simple or complicated, with graphs, for example).

Important thing about the form creating (first step) I think is to first write down for yourself every feature that you want / things that should be able to do. Then, design the database table, and then, start coding. Otherwise (I think) you'll be re-writing things at some point.

If there are things in this you don't know how to do, just ask.