hey guys,
i need your help to develop thumshot of page of website's internal pages.
pls if you know how to develop this code or if u have any suggestions for it then pls tell me.

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What do you mean internal pages? I don't think you can. JS used to be able to do it, but they've stopped that stuff now coz it's a security problem. I don't think PHP could do it as you need a browser (client) to display a page. PHP is strictly server-side. You probably need a browser plug-in.

I don't know whether Java or Flash could achieve this, but I *assume* they'd still need to ask for permission before undertaking snapshot tasks. Dunno.

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It is not possible by using PHP only. It is possible to call an external program from PHP to do it, but this is very dependent on your hosting machine. There are API's that do this for you, but none are free (if they are, then they are very restricted).


Thanks guys,
I am not sure whether they are strict about this or not. As per your suggestions i will try to develop this with the help of api or extra plugin.

@ardav internal pages means profiles of users,that i've to use for member suggestions.

Thanks Again

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