Hi everyone,

i have created a sql table to store hindi data. it works fine.

Now i want to store data in this sql table from an Excel sheet.
i want to know which hindi font i have to use in excel sheet so
it will store hindi data in sql table.

actual i have an project to display Result in hindi fonts.

result data is approx 20,000 entries. so it is not possible for me
to insert it one by one.

Please tell me how to store all the data from excel sheet in sql table.
and which font i have to use in excel sheet to type data in hindi.


Gajendra Saini

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Thanks for your response.

please tell me in detail . if i want to type data in excel sheet i have to use any
one font.
without selecting any font how can i type in excel sheet.
Please tell me more about it.

Gajendra Kumar Saini


My sentence was incorrrect. I was willing to tell you that use ARIAL UNICODE MS FONT. Do not use ANY OTHER FONT.

आपको युनीकोड इस्तमाल करना चाहिऐ

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