i am not able to understand AJAX right from the beginning
please help me to have some idea on AJAX

AJAX is a way of interaction between the client side (i.e., the browser), and the server side (php, for example). In javascript, you ask the browser to request a page from your server. With this request, you can send some data. The server side can respond with text, html (xml, hence the name: asynchronous javascript and xml), json (another format for custom data) or anything you want, really.

and where i can find some material on AJAX which looks easy to understand

Did you press the AJAX Examples link on the left?

Honestly, I think that site is all you'll ever need.
It's all I ever needed anyway.

w3schools is not a good recource. There are many good tutorials on AJAX out there, but w3schools does not contain one of them.

i want to learn AJAX please say me those sites......

thanks one and all
i will study them and i am glad for helping me