So I was asked to integrate live webcasting in the next version of this website and I have no Idea. I did little reasearch and bump, I only hit shoutcast.
May I ask anyone with Idea on good webcasting software for live internet Audio and video broadcasts to throw out. Something like Software X (free) software Y (commercial)


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You need more than php to make this work. This link provides a discussion with some additional links for more info. If you want to stream to many end points then you need something fairly sophisticated.

If you need something smaller scale with a closed audience, then you could look at a web conferencing solutions like Mikogo. The free version handles up to 10 end points. If you pay, you can get up to 25.


Thanks Friends.
I'm looking at the link
Is it hard to set up?

More explanations: It is going to be public web broadcast, do number of people will depend how popular it will be
Thanks again!


No - sign up for an account and get the embed code for your site. It's free and has got a chat widget so viwers can interact with the deliverer. It also allows you to record the cast and upload it. I imagine there are a lot of other sites that offer the same. I used to use selfcast, but I think they've gone bust.

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