I have a javascript error in my home page.
Which is annoying. I am having hard time debugging it.
Please help. www.dealpigeon.com

FF is not showing it. IE7, 8 shows the error. I just launched the website and I do not want users noticing an error.

Thanks in advance.

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Post the code
why expect somebody else
to go to your site
hash there way through the links to find your javascripts,
repair them
and post the answers


Reason is there is tones of javascript in my website.
I am using many different libraries. If it is simple, I could have solved it myself. Besides IE8 javascript debugger keep crashing while debugging and error is not showing up in FF. So if some has IE javascript debugger that is not crashing, they do not need to hash through anything. OR even better, if someone can tell me how to fix my javascript debugger in IE8 so that it won't crash then I can fix it.
I hope you understand. I won't put it here unless I have tried myself for atleast 5 days to fix it.


that's the reason to post the code
your code,
not the library code
even though the library code IS as likely to be -poor

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