I really like the drop down that I found on http://www.scriptiny.com/2008/04/sliding-javascript-dropdown-menu/

I have 4 Menus and when I add this this flows over the logo. The size of each menu is in fact too big. When I tried to alter this the size of sub-menus stay the same and it was looking ugly. I can't attach screenshot as SO doesnt allow me to. I basically want the size of the menu box to be smaller; CSS code is :

body {margin-left:140px; font:12px Verdana, Arial, Helvetica}
* {padding:0; margin:0}
.dropdown {float:right; padding-right:5px}
.dropdown dt {width:188px; border:2px solid #9ac1c9; padding:8px; font-weight:bold; cursor:pointer; background:url(images/header.gif)}
.dropdown dt:hover {background:url(images/header_over.gif)}
.dropdown dd {position:absolute; overflow:hidden; width:208px; display:none; background:#fff; z-index:200; opacity:0}
.dropdown ul {width:204px; border:2px solid #9ac1c9; list-style:none; border-top:none}
.dropdown li {display:inline}
.dropdown a, .dropdown a:active, .dropdown a:visited {display:block; padding:5px; color:#333; text-decoration:none; background:#eaf0f2; width:194px}
.dropdown a:hover {background:#d9e1e4; color:#000}
.dropdown .underline {border-bottom:1px solid #b9d6dc}!