Good Day All
I have an project that does the CC handling for me and if the cc comes from a certain application it redirects to the page in a certain application. In that Project there is a page named “Buycredit”

That contains a Page_load that has this

if (!Page.IsPostBack)
                            //handle the response url

And the handleresponse Method is defined like this

private void handleResponse()
           // try
          //  {
                //populate VCS object with values
                DataAccess dataAccess = new DataAccess();
                VCSResponse creditResponse = populateVCSObject();

                //Temporary: Check if this needs to be forwarded to eCASH for processing
                if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(creditResponse.Misc))
                    string forwardAddy = string.Concat("", Request.QueryString.ToString());
                    //Insert response values to the DB

                    //check if the response = approved
                    if (responseApproved(creditResponse.P3_AuthReponse))
                        //update the purchase history table with successfull credit purchase
                        dataAccess.insertPurchaseRecord((User)Session["UserDetail_Connector"], creditResponse);
                        //email the user the confirmation that credits were purchased
                        Emailer.sendCreditPurchaseMail("", ((User)Session["UserDetail_Connector"]).Email, (User)Session["UserDetail_Connector"], creditResponse);
                        //Show on display the success purchase message
                        divNotify.Visible = true;
                        txtPromptMsg_Prompt.Text = "Credits were successfully purchased.";
                        //show user that purchase was not successful
                        divNotify.Visible = true;
                        txtPromptMsg_Prompt.Text = "Credits were not successfully purchased!";
         //   catch (Exception ex)
         //   {
         //       throw ex;
        //    }

Now the page “PurchaseCredit.aspx” is the page in the Silverlight Project. On Debug mode, I can step through this project and it will finish and redirect to the “PurchaseCredit.aspx” in that IP and it will work fine, but when I publish it to IIS, the Page URL I get is different I get this URL******4242&TransactionType=Authorisation[/url]
as you can see it is not going to the Page that has been set but  its poiting page to the “BuyCredit”

What could be the problem here ?


You may have something specified in your web.config. If I remember correctly you will have one config file for debug mode and another for release. Also, is the XAP file being cached and not being overridden? If the URL was something you were using before then caching is a good possibility.

i have been give access. i will check tomorow morning and let you know

thanks guys for your replies