Hello to all
Actually I am on web project with html and java script and my problem is that I have send feed back form as E mail, is there any though which can I send My feed back as an email without using php or asp because I know how to email through but i have to send my form by using java script or html.
Thanks in advance for any response

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You can not use javascript to send an email. You need to use a serverside technology to do it (ASP, ASP.Net or PHP).


I knew someone was going to try to bring this up. Why not just use HTML?

<a href="mailto:someone@somewherecom">Email</a>

Because it's not what the person needs. Stop wasting people's time and confusing them. Name one reputable site that does it the way you just said. Please try to help the poster.


I this technique but problem with this is it several click i need to send email with single click

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