I have tried to make a chatting application using ASP.Net.
Following are the names of the files :
1. default.aspx - The first page where the login ID/Passwords are to be entered
2. Chat.aspx - Here the chatting is done
3. rs.js - RemoteScripting Java script
4. Global.asax
5. ChatEngine.cs - controls the chatting

//this is only two users

The solution was built without errors.
But when I debug it I get an error:-

A project with an Output Type of class Library cannot be started directly.
In order to debug this project, add an executable project to this solution.

default.aspx has to be the start page.

Please help !

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Continuing on what stbuchok mentioned, to avoid this, you can set a default start page. i.e. default.aspx, by right clicking on it and selecting "Set as Start Page". Just the same, you can't try to debug the program from a .cs as stated above.

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