Hey all, I'm making online web based game, but i have some thing wrong that the Armor that the character equip dont calculate in the fight :/ and i tryed to make NPC account with no armor and other account with the same stats and same everything but using armor +5000 defense and the NPC with no armor won! i dont know whats the wrong with the script that calculate every thing, i attached the attack.php file that contain the fighting script ..
and what lines and how i edit to add new items beside the armor and the primary weapon
coz the game script contain Primary Weapon,Secondary Weapon,Armor .. i wanna add more items like ring that add atk and some other stuff to add agility and strenth and more :/
Please help me i really need help and if u need more informations i will give :)

Nowhere in the code do you actually account for the armor. You get its rating for the character, but do not actually apply it at all anywhere in the code.

Hope this helps.

Yea, and i dunno how the calculations happens, i mean there wont be armor, will be defense, Strength, Agility, Intelligence, Block, Evasion, and On Target,

how i will calculate the fight with them all :/, all that plus the attack of the weapon.