I keep getting undefined with this script...


document.getElementById(new_id).style.top = Top; //Works Fine
document.getElementById(new_id).style.left = Left; //Works Fine
document.getElementById(new_id).style.backgroundColor = Background_Color; //Works Fine
document.getElementById(new_id).style.border = Border_Width+" "+Border_Type+" "+Border_Color; //Works Fine
new_code = document.getElementById(new_id); //Doesn't Work!!!!

I style the element correctly, but when I want to write it I keep getting "undefined"?

When you do alert(document.getElementById(new_id) just before line 1 and before line 5, what are the 2 values that come up?

It depends on the type of element. Are you sure your element has a .value property?

.value on a div will give undefined, where .value on a textbox will give you the value.

I have a div not a textbox and I still am using .value. Plus when I alert it without .value I get [object HTML DivElement] both times.

What do I need to do to fix it? So I can't use .value? What do I use to echo the entire div including <div style="...">...Content...</div> all of that?

So basically all I want to do is get all of that div...

<div style="...">...Content...</div>

And place it inside a variable...

Try using innerHTML, and remove .value property on "new_code":

var new_code = document.getElementById(new_id)[B].innerHTML[/B];

I fixed it I added a new div around it and then called innerHTML thanks everyone!

<div id="div1">
     <div id="div2"></div>


var new_code = document.getElementById("div1").innerHTML;

After doing that I get all of div2!

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