Hi Im a first time poster.(please be gentle XD)

I'm hoping someone can help me. I just would like to ask if - aside from datagridviews and manually drawing tables- there is another way to draw data onto a page, in tabular form?

The problem is that the data I need draw in tabular form come from several different tables, and they are not joined nor union'd(id say united but it might confuse people further). for example data from one table A will be on column1 to column4 of row2 downwards. data from another table B will serve as header for the 5th column onwards--and only for the first row. then another table supplies the info for the cells under the headers made by table B.

Currently I'm drawing them manually by table. And it is exhausting, not to mention it can get confusing reeeaally fast and the table generated itself is not exactly pleasing to the eyes. Sooooooo... is there another way?

btw, im using c# for codebehind and ms visualstudio 2005.

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Is the data related? Can you use a Join in the SQL? You can checkout using a Repeater but I don't think that will work. Normally if you are showing information in one layout it is all related in some way. If it is, you should be able to get it in one resultset and bind it.

Hey! thanks for replying to my post.

The data are not directly related. It's like a writing a table where the column headers are from another table than the rest of the date(it's a little more complex than that actually). I've never heard of repeaters so I'll look them up. thanks!

and if anyone has other ideas pleeaaase do post them. :D i'd be much oblidged.

I checked the repeaters. :D certainly useful, thank you! but not for me, not right now.

i guess there no other way eh? :(

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