Hi Pals,

I am using filezilla and i heard that it causes virus attacks on my website.
I am also not saving password in site manager rather using quick connect.

From some days m using core FTP.
What do you guys think.
What is secure way?


The answer:

"Straight FTP is, by nature, quite insecure, since neither the
authentication nor the traffic are in any way encrypted."

I'd use SSH/SCP or SFTP instead:

MobaXterm is one of my personal favourites. Or you could try WinSCP which allows you to select which protocol you want to connect over.

I like fileZilla, its facility of folder synchronization, success-error logs etc is good.
But as it is saving password in xml file so there may be possibility of hacking.
I have seen that there are some unnecessarily iframe tags are added in index file. May be its bcz of i have saved password in fileZilla.