Hello guys.
I am a freelancer, been doing html, css, php, mysql and such for a few years now, but i really never learned javascript and ajax, so i feel like an unpolished diamond because i know i can make advanced unique php systems, but cant really fancy them up, and save time.
Do anyone have a tip on how i can learn myself into javascript and ajax in a good way? Have no clue where to start.

Morten (Norway).

Generally checking a Javascript book out of your local library is a good start.
Also there is plenty of ebooks on the web, and tutorial sites that can help you out.

I'm not to sure on the linking policy on DaniWeb, but here is a couple of useful links.
Javascript: The Definitive Guide
Javascript: The Good Parts
Douglas Crockford's site (generally Javascript information)

Remember Javascript is a very for lack of a better term quirky language, it will get to you at times, but stick with it, it's worth it if you're interested in client-side scripting.

Best of luck with your search and learning.